Sunday, April 22, 2012

2012 - 2020 The Latest From the web bot predictions

On Coast to Coast AM they look further into the famous web bots predictions for 2012 , 2013 going until 2020.  The web bots scan the web for trends in keywords, using the same technology in stock market forecasting.  Some interesting areas of discussion looking beyond2012
  • Mega floods across the tropics as the planet flattens out even
    more over the next decades. The peak would seem to be reached between 2017 and
  • Electric Whips
    The huge level of solar discharges over 2012 through 2019, included several instances
    of what became called electric whips. These solar ejections were devastating to the
    electrical warfare infrastructure, as well as civilization in general,Late 2012 and  2013
  • Famine
    Famine starts late 2012.  Hunger worldwide starts mid 2012 The rising twins radiation pollution, and dwindling food resources.
  • Antarctic - an obsession with all things antarctic will include not only the
    incredible space based discoveries of this decade, but also all of the hidden
    archeology and secret history of antarctica.
  •  Coast to Coast  on the web Bots:

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