Attention Snoring Sufferers.

If you want to stop snoring once and for all and start getting the quality restful sleep you deserve this will be the most important article you read today.

Here Is Why.

new scientific research has finally discovered the cause of snoring and how to fix it.

snoring is caused by the soft tissue in the back of your throat collapsing during sleep.

This blocks your airway and makes it difficult to breathe.

In order to stop the snoring problem at it’s source, you need to give your jaw supportso it stays in the upright position and keeps your airway open.

You have several differentoptions to accomplish this.

There are breathing machines.

You can get surgery.

However thatis expensive and very dangerous.

There are also special pillows which claimed to giveyour jaw the proper amount of support.

And their mouthpieces you can wear night to keepyour air passageway open.

However the most effective solution that I’ve found is thejaw support strap.

This comfortable device holds the jaw in the upper position keepingyour airway open allowing you to finally get the rejuvenating sleep every single night.

And the best part is, the more you wear it, the more it trains your jaw to stay in theproper position.

So over time your airway will stay open naturally without having touse the device every night.

It is a lot like how braces work.

First you wear them everynight.

Then eventually you get a retainer for maintenance.

After a while you only need to wear the retainer every few nights because your teeth have been trained to stay in place.

The jaw support device works the exact same way.

Anyways the jaw support device I foundto be most comfortable affordable and effective is called my snoring solution.

Click Thislink inside the video to learn more.

This link will take you directly to my snoringsolution website where you can learn more about how the device works and how you canstart using it to stop snoring as little as three days even if everything you try havingworked.

So go ahead click the link visit the website and thanks for watching.

Help! It is snoring here! Half of all humans do it.

According to experts, this Applies to 40% of all women 60% of all men.

and They are innocent of it.

Muscles relax during sleep, respiratory ducts become smaller.

Snoring starts.

Punching does not help.

Professor: We know that snoring for a prolonged period does result.

In not being able to breathe properly during night but we do not know how long it takes for a person to change Certain.

From normal snoring to pathological (unhealthy) snoring.

It’s so unhealthy for sleeping partners.

One snorer can create a volume of up to 90 decibel.

This can be Compared to a big truck crashing through the room.

Evelyn and Roland Körper are badly affected.

They have been sleeping separately for the longest time except during holidays as this would be too expensive.

Going to sleep Becomes a torture then.

Evelyn: On my part, I get very angry and frustrated I can feel the heat Arising from within, into my chest.

But the worst thing is that, when i wake up Roland.

after so many times He gets angry as well So I can not even release my anger on him.

It gets trapped in me.

I start thinking this can not be true.

I’m very sorry did anyone had to endure with me.

I can only imagine this is a very annoying a problem.

Anti-snoring pillows are supposed to help.

After 10 years of sleeping in separate bedrooms, this would.

be a miraculous wonder for Both the couple.

Roland Körner is about to be tested five anti-snoring cushions for us.

These are: Endres (SleepEzy) for about 190 €, Sissel for 299 € OSCIMED PosiForm for 87 €, NoxaMed for 380 € and Vitalmaxx for about 19,99 €.

We will be filming his nights (sleeping) These nightly records will show which one of synthesis cushions does Actually have an effect.

The First Night Roland uses the cushion OSCIMED PosiForm, Consisting of foam and plastic with hollow gaps.

This, as in theory, makes the head tilt in a sideways position.

The next morning: “It’s been quite comfortable and I slept quite well, but I have been snoring No idea?”.

But we know: He totally snored.

The Second Night Cushion Vitalmaxx with vibration and air pressure.

This was the loudest night.

It was super annoying.

It was not a good night.

It pumps up Constantly and it is extremely loud.

I felt disturbed.

The third night with Sissel Sensors and microphones are meant to pump up the air pressure in the pillow.

and help in sleeping Professor: In an evidence-based controlled study.

we know that this system (using cpap) has shown a reduction in snoring.

It was soft at the start.

But the night was not very quiet Nevertheless, Roland says: It was quite cool at the start Although the pillow so started pumping up in at annoying way.

and did kept me from sleeping.

But later on I did not realize this anymore.

and I woke up quite relaxed.

The Fourth Night Now it’s NoxaMed, a vibrating cushion The surface of the pillow has less protruding bumps this time.


This was absolute crap The vibration-All which is supposed to.

make you sleep at night It kept vibrating and it woke me up all the time.

I finally switched it off.

to be able to sleep The Fifth Night Endres (SleepEzy) – the magnetic pillow to be Placed under the pillow night this is meant to stimulate the muscles, opening up the breathing pathway and.

it Becomes a Relatively quiet night The night was good I was able to use my own pillow and I only had to put the magnetic pillow below.

I slept well even though I was unwell from a flu And this is how loud he has been snoring.

with the magnetic pillow Endres / (SleepEzy) in comparison to Vitalmaxx You can CLEARLY see the difference Clearly, the chart below what the loudest night.

But to be fair – all pillows require time to get used to All the cushions were so different.

But 2 to 3 of the pillows were very exhausting to use 3 of the cushions were equipped with motors or something similar.

And this was quite loud The conclusion: What Provides less snoring and is so comfortable for Roland to use? The Endres (SleepEzy) magnetic cushion Difficult to believe: Sissel, OSCIMED and NoxaMed does not show clear results.

These are only good for snoring or comfort; not both.

Vitalmaxx failed completely Call Pity! No clear breakthrough for Evelyn and Roland.

The separate rooms have to stay for now.

But maybe there is hope for the next holiday They want to take the (SleepEzy) magnetic cushion FOR BOTH easier breathing and sleep.

This should make his snoring endurable Otherwise it will remain like before.

Normally, he is only two minutes into his sleep and he already starts snoring The tactic is: I go to sleep early so I’m already asleep When he comes in There is no easy tactic for this difficult problem-snoring.

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